Jul 30, 2009

My New York Days - day 2

I went to Shake Shack!

ahhh my first Shake burger!

sky is so blue!

St. Patrick's Cathedral

summer version

Magnolia Bakery's cup cakes! too sweet!!


Jul 29, 2009

Eternal Moonwalk

just found this site on Questlove's Twitter!
TOO DOPE!!!!!!

to tribute Michael Jackson!

should I submit?!

Jul 23, 2009

My New York Days - day 1

just came back from my second hometown NY.
I couldnt update my blog for a while...
so I gotta post some new stories about NY from today!

I went to the Roots show @ Highline ballroom

the club was packed!

the Roots again! it was the 4th in this year!

she is dope! Amanda Diva.

my first meal was "the American Foods". lol

long flightの疲れのせいか、jazzyな音楽のせいか
kobe beef burger と cosmopolitanが美味しかったのは

Today's video - Kanye West "paranoid"

ahh Rihanna is sick!!!

Jul 11, 2009

James74Yancy6 Teeeeee!!

finally I got a Yancy Tee! and its new design! :D

cool, huh??

they have cool stuff! Jazzy Sports

Jul 3, 2009

All dancers will miss him...MJ "This Is It Tour" Rehearsals & Auditions

found this video...

I was a dancer...so I understand their feeling.

I think MJ's passing is so sad for all dancers in the world.

but MJ's dancing never dies!

his dancing will be passed on to next generations...forever!

thanks MJ.

Jul 1, 2009

Michael Jackson Bad Tour in Japan '87

just found this video....

how many times did I go to his concert?

so long time ago...

but still fresh!

I luv his words..."Domo Arigato!"