Feb 28, 2009


Q-tip is wearing UNIQLO PARKA!! :D))
Im gonna buy same one of course ;) lol


Feb 25, 2009

Kind Of Blue... DBG FW09/ fashion week in NY

Diesel Black Gold Fall Winter 2009 collection is feeling inspired by the spirit of jazz....

respect RR n ma boi....lol

Feb 16, 2009

Mount Baum Kuchen!!

I got this baum kuchen from my friend today...

wow!! its not just a baum kuchen!! sooo delicious!!
its called Mount Baum Kuchen from nenrin-ya ねんりん家http://www.nenrinya.jp/
I didnt know that its a very famous cake in Tokyo now...lol if ur in Tokyo, u should get it! but u must line up in the long line....awww thats Tokyo style! Japanese likes lining up! lol

oops! I have eaten it before taking a pic! lol ;p

Feb 15, 2009

I broke this watch...awwwww

I just got this cute pink Diesel watch in NY a few days ago...
but I broke it today...awww stupid! :( I have to send it to repair...

dope music here / DHUNDEE

Feb 13, 2009

Diesel new ad...u like it?

super sexy lady is takin a gross "hair bath"....Ew!

too creepy!!!!! pls do not watch this video when u eat......lol

but I like Diesel ad since I can remember....so I have this book of course. ;)

Feb 11, 2009

Q-Tip is in TOKYOOOOO!!!

just came back from Q-Tip live in Tokyo tonite!!!!
daaammnn!! he is still DOPE!! ...and SO CUTE!! ;)

the show was awesome...I was jumpin and dancin in high heels!! lol
aaaah had great time...wiz Q!! luv u 4ever!!! anyway...check this video...
wanna pretend MJ?? lol

Feb 10, 2009

just thinkin of u...

luv J Dilla's music
wanna thank u so much

Feb 8, 2009

my favorite...

yes! I luv NY sooo much!! cant explain...lol just feel dope energy from the city n people lives there...

ummm so what should I do for my blog? lol

my blog is gonna be like talkin to myself?? ummm just do it! lol